Cotton Blush (4g)


Cotton powder blusher that provides natural liveliness with highly soft and transparent particles being blended.

-       Soft touchable texture

Soft velvety texture with less flowing powder gets blended smoothly without caking.

-       Clear and natural color

Transparent but lively color permeates the skin tone naturally.

-       Excellent color persistency that remains like freshly put makeup

Silky Elastic Powder’s excellent sebum controlling effect makes the color adhere softly.  


1.        Point 

①       Picnic Blanket

-       Pure grapefruit pink that reminds of soft cotton picnic blanket

②       My Candyshop

-       Clear and gentle pink that resembles colourful candy shop of my own

③       Vintage Robe

-       Tone-downed dry rose color of vintage flowery robe

④       Lavender Perfume (Pearl)

-       Gorgeous and delicate pinkish violet color that reminds of purplish scent


2.        How to use

①       With brush

-       Clear and transparent color pigmentation

②       With sponge

-       Soft and gentle color pigmentation

* Take an appropriate amount on a brush or makeup sponge and naturally blend.


3.        Tips

When using a brush, lay the brush on the blusher and take some amount. Lightly brush off and apply.


4.        Recommended to

①       People looking for blusher with fine particles without caking

②       People looking for less flowing powder and transparent but lively color pigmentation

③       People looking for blusher which has vivid color variation and adheres to my skin well


 * Depending on the monitor setting and individuals’ skin tone, the color may look different and gets pigmented differently on the skin.

Size : 4g

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