New Lovely Cookie Blusher (7.2g)

Althea Says: Be the yummiest cookie around with these adorable blushers from Etude House! The Lovely Cookie Blushers are rich in pigments and contain light-reflecting particles, making this ideal for a healthy flush of colour. It also contains coating powder that keeps sweat and oil at bay, keeping your cheeks fresh throughout the day. Plus, isn't the super cute fluffy puff just to die for?
Size: 7.2g
Type: All skin types
Options: Grapefruit Gelly, Peach Chous Wafers
How To Use: Pick up product with the puff provided and blend onto the cheeks.


1.     Lively Cheeks

-      The product is pigment-rich and contains light reflecting powder, delivering an instant flush of color while providing an healthy glow.

2.     Long Lasting and Vivid

-      Contains sebum control powder and coating pigment, thereby absorbing oil and sweat as well as preventing oxidation. This allows you to maintain the pop of color throughout the entire day.

3.     Lovely Puff

-      The soft cushion type puff prevents fallout and delivers a cute, pop of color to the skin.


Purpose: Blusher gives the face a lovely pop of color that lasts throughout the day.

Indications and Usage:

Take an adequate amount with the built-in lovely puff by lightly tapping once or twice and apply on the cheeks by stroking the cheeks.


Size: 7.2g

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