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Alpine Berry Watery Cream (50ml)

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Hailing from the cool Alpine hills, Primera’s Alpine Berry Watery Cream is a lightweight but luscious cream that intensely hydrates the skin without being oily. Infused with an alpine berry complex (rich in antioxidants to brighten), coconut oil (to deeply moisturize) and mugwort leaf extract (purifies and strengthens), this cream is a real treat for the skin! It's no wonder this product is one of Primera's bestsellers, and we love how supple and non-sticky the skin feels after using it!

What's Good

- Luxuriously lightweight cream

- Hydrates without stickiness

- Maintains elasticity and brightens dull complexions

Skin Type

Normal to combination skin

How to Use

Apply to face as the last step of your skin care, gently tapping onto skin for better absorption.

What's Included

1 x Alpine Berry Watery Cream 50ml

Key Ingredients

Alpine berry complex - A mix of berry extracts packed with antioxidants to keep the skin supple

Coconut oil - Deeply moisturizing and helps to balance out the skin's natural oil-to-moisture levels

Mugwort leaf extract - Helps purify the skin and strengthen its protective barrier

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