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Water Bank Moisture Essence (70ml)

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Size: 70ml



1.     Extracted green mineral water with ‘ocean brew’ method

-      Green mineral water from healthy vegetables help fill up moisture to your skin

2.     Water splash effect with moisture bomb!

-      Water splash effect gives moisture that doesn’t dry and explodes on the skin.

3.     Water zipper effect that locks the moisture within the skin

-      By keeping the water zipper of the skin tight, it protects the moisture from drying. 

4.     Moisture essence especially for dry skin type

-      Green mineral water from Brussels Sprout, Artichoke and Lima Beans help moisturize for dry skin.

Purpose: Moisturizing essence that strengthens the skin barrier and makes your skin healthy with green mineral water extracted from

nutritious vegetables.


Indications and Usage: After applying skin or lotion, pump the product 2-3 times. Then, apply the product in order of cheeks, forehead and chin.

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