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All Caring Eraser Pad (60pad)


 Multitasking skin solution pad for smooth and radiant skin

-       Two way dual care + exfoliation

  Dual effect of soft embossed side + pure cotton flat side smooths out the skin texture and makes it glossy and clean.

-       Pad filled with ample amount of toner

  A single pad containing rich amount of toner can be sufficiently moisturizing the entire face.


 How to apply

  1. After washing the face, gently wipe the entire face with the soft embossed side, starting from the inside and working outward.

  2. With the pure cotton side, wipe the face in a rubbing motion, concentrating on the T-zone and chin prone to excessive sebum.

Size : 200g [3.71 fl. oz. / 110 ml (60pc)]

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