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Magic Cushion Cover Lasting (15g)



Weightlessly buildable and portable cushion compact


1.      Outstanding coverage

-       Micro Cover Pigment conceals imperfections and creates a flawless dewy finish.


2.      Long-wearing

-       Lightweight texture with Silica Bead Powder absorbs sweat and oil for comfortable wear that lasts all day. 

3.      Effortlessly smooth

-       Anti-caking formula contains Boron Powder to ensure exceptionally even application and easy touch-ups.


How to use:

-       Using the included puff, lightly dab small amounts of the content onto the puff. Gently pat the content onto face. Repeat this process to build the desired level of coverage, using as little content as possible to maintain a lightweight texture.

-       Keep both cushion cover and compact closed when not in use to prevent content from drying out. To close cushion cover, apply pressure until a "click" is heard.

Size : 15g


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