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All Around Safe Block Velvet Finish Sun Milk (70ml)

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If you’re looking for sun milk that softens skin texture and evenly corrects your skin tone, here’s the one for you!

-       More mild yet more powerful!

All products completed skin irritation test.

Plant element that protects the skin is added.


1.        Points

①       Expressing velvety skin texture

With velvety skin effect that smooths out the pores and skin surface, it softens the skin texture and evenly corrects your skin tone.

②       Containing skin-friendly elements protecting from outside environment

A skin-friendly element GLYCOFILM 1.5P which mildly protects the skin guards your skin from outside harmful environment.


2.        Main ingredients

①       Natural Barrier Complex : moisture/nutrition

②       Leontopodium Alpinum Flower/Leaf Extract : skin protection

③       GLYCOFILM 1.5P: skin protection

④       Helichrysum Arenarium Flower Water: soothing


3.        TIP

①       Use an appropriate amount

-       If applying on the face, take an amount that covers a finger joint. If applying on the entire body, use an amount of half a palm.

②       Apply 30 minutes before going out

-       It takes about half an hour for the protecting element to be absorbed into the skin.

③       Re-apply every 2-3 hours

-       Especially apply an enough amount from 10 am to 2pm when UV rays are strong.

④       Apply it for all seasons

-       UV rays exist all day and every day.

⑤       Wash thoroughly

-       Thoroughly wash off like when applying makeup.


4.        How to use

①       Lightly shake before use.

②       Use it at the last step of skincare.

③       Take an appropriate amount and gently apply on the face, neck, arms and legs.

Size : 70ml

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