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Anti-Pore Black Head Clear Kit (3 Sets)


Purpose: 2-STEP nose strip that healthily melts away and pulls out excessive blackhead inside the pores using CNP’s own patent elements


1.      STEP 1. Melting down blackhead + cleaning the pores

-       It effectively melts away blackhead with CNP patent elements and does pore care with Vitamin C derivatives! No cotton swab is necessary. 

2.      STEP 2. Adsorbing blackhead + contracting the pores

-       After Step 1 Mask, Step 2 Mask adsorbs and removes blackhead and then tightly contracts the pores as

it dries! Contained Caolin helps care excessive sebum.

3.      New type of nose strip without water

-       This innovative nose strip uses remaining essence of Step 1 Mask to attach Step 2 Mask and takes it off safely and easily without having to use water.

How to use:

1.       After cleansing, smooth out skin texture with toner and put on Step 1 Mask on the blackhead area for

10-15 minutes.

2.       Remove Step 1 Mask and apply Step 2 Mask using the remaining essence.

Size: 3 Sets

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