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Cotton Veil Primer 01 Lilac Purple (35ml)

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Cotton Plant Extract-contained primer that brightens and clears your complexion with fresh and moist texture & enhances adherence and persistency of makeup


1.      Adherence & persistency UP with moist and fresh makeup

-       Emersion type texture instantly gives moistness and freshness to skin and enhances adherence and persistency of makeup. Also fine illuminators correct the dull skin tone brightly and clearly adding natural glow.
2.      Cotton Plant Extract base protects the skin

-       Cotton Plant Extract base helps relieve skin stress and damage and protects the vulnerable skin due to various outer environments. .
3.      Always maintaining bright complexion with various color options for your skin problems

-       01 Lilac Purple: Vivid Lilac glow 
By neutralizing yellowness of the skin, it adds vivid, bright and young glow even in the dark.

-       02 Beige Rose: Bright rosy glow 
By neutralizing uneven skin tone, it brightens and enlivens the dull skin that looks tired.

-       03 White Peach: Smooth peachy glow 
By smoothing out the skin texture and providing luster, it boosts up the skin tone to the next level.


How to use:

-       At the last step of basic skincare or before makeup, apply an thin layer on the face and gently pat to finish.

-       For areas you like to further correct the skin tone, apply small amount several times for better coverage.

Size : 35ml


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