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Hell-Pore Clean Up Mask (100ml)


Dubbed as "The Most Painful Mask Ever", Elizavecca's Hell Pore Clean Up Mask has certainly earned a name for itself! Don't let that scare you though, this mask banishes blackheads, dead skin cells and even unwanted baby hair for a complexion that's clean, fresh and irresistibly smooth. Infused with charcoal, Chinese pea shrub and camellia flower extracts, this peel off mask helps to remove sebum, minimize pores as well as improve skin texture. See if you can peel it all off in one shot! Ready for the challenge?

What's Good

- Peel off mask that removes impurities from the skin including dirt, sebum and even baby hairs

- Contains charcoal, Chinese pea shrub and camellia flower extracts

Skin Type

All skin types

How to Use

After cleansing, apply an even layer onto the skin and allow to dry (approx 15 minutes). Gently and slowly peel starting from the bottom of the face and working your way up.

What's Included

1 x Hell Pore Clean Up Mask: 100ml

Key Ingredients

Charcoal extract - Deeply purifies the pores, pulling out impurities and dirt

Chinese pea shrub extract - Protects the skin and improves the overall health of the skin

Camellia flower extract - Minimizes the pores and soothes redness

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