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Perfect Pore Cleansing Oil (250ml)


Let's be honest: slapping on oil onto the skin to cleanse it doesn't really appeal to us, so you can imagine our skeptical looks when we were told this product helps to really clean out our pores. But boy, were we impressed with Laneige's Perfect Pore Cleansing Oil! Concocted with natural virgin coconut oil, this product not only removes heavy makeup, it's also infused with Mugwort extract that has antibacterial properties to deeply purify pores and melt away sebum. Our favourite part about this? It's made without any mineral oils, meaning it's gentle enough for all skin types, sensitive and oily included.

What's Good

- Cleansing oil that removes makeup, dirt and impurities from the skin

- Does not contain mineral oil, so it doesn’t cause irritations

- Contains natural coconut oil that’s beneficial to the skin

Skin Type

All skin types

How to Use

Dispense two pumps and massage hands together to emulsify. Massage gently all over face, then rinse with cool or lukewarm water.

What's Included

1 x Perfect Pore Cleansing Oil: 250ml

Key Ingredients

Coconut oil - A nourishing moisturizer that helps balance out the skin's oil-to-water levels

Chamomile flower extract - Fights inflammation, bacteria and signs of aging

Marsh Mallow root extract - Has intensive skin hydrating, softening and balancing properties for a healthy complexion

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