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Ceramide Light Cream (50ml)

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Fresh moisturizing Hibiscus Syriacus cream that achieves moist and strong skin by reinforcing weakened skin barrier.



1.       Secure and tight double moisturizing barrier of Hibiscus Syriacus

-       Hibiscus Syriacus’ doubly moisturizing effect strengthens skin protective barrier and delivers deep moisture.

2.       Mild and soft texture

-       Using Lipid Networking System, the texture of the cream that resembles human skin structure gets softly adheres to the skin and comfortably embraces the skin by being quickly absorbed.


How to use:

- In the morning and night, at the cream step, take an appropriate amount and softly apply along the skin texture from inside to outside.



* Fresh, smooth and moisturizing light cream for oily and combination skin.

Size : 50ml


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