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Sebum Cut Powder Pact (11g)



Oil control powder pact that achieves smooth and transparent-looking skin with 3-step sebum cut system that takes care of oiliness and enhances makeup persistency.


1.      3-step sebum cut system to remove oiliness

-       Step 1. Sebum adsorption: micro sebum cut powder holds sebum and oiliness and achieves soft skin surface.

-       Step 2. Transparent powder & covering roughness: clear powder which turns transparent on sebum smoothens rugged skin and brightly covers dull complexion.

-       Step 3. Fixing & lasting: layer setting system tightly holds fine powder and maintains bright skin tone for a long time!

2.      Bright color correcting effect

-       Mint and peach color corrects the skin tone depending on your own skin tone.

No.1 Clear Mint: for reddish and dull skin 

No.2 Clear Peach: for yellowish and dull skin

3.      Thick and soft puff

-       Thicker and denser flocking puff applies the content smoothly without being cakey!


How to use:

-       At the last step of makeup or makeup correction, take the content with the puff and gently pat on oily areas or areas with lots of sebum.

-       [Hair] Pat it on oily hair and gently shake off for soft and fresh hair.

-       [Eye] Before makeup, apply it on the eyelids for highly pigmented and long-lasting eye makeup without smudging.

-       [Lip] After putting on lipstick, gently pat on the lips for soft matte lips.

Size : 11g

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