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White Dew Vita Capsule Sleeping Mask (3g*8ea)

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    1.  Whitening sleeping mask

         - The combination of Vita powder with vitamin C and a bear-shaped sleeping pack takes care of your skin to be bright and clear like porcelain during sleep.
    2.  Brightening effect

         - Contained vitamin C provides brightening effect.
    3.  Cute design you want to keep!

         - Lovely bear-shaped package that makes you want to keep it! Check the back side of the package for cuter design.


Purpose: During sleep, it brightens and whitens your skin as if it’s transparent.


Indications and Usage:

  1. Twice a week after face wash at night, apply toner and emulsion before sleep.
  2. Put STEP 2 (Vita Powder) inside STEP 1 (blister pack) and mix well.
  3. Apply thick amount along the facial texture.
  4. When the product is absorbed into the skin, go to bed without washing off. (One package is recommended for single use.)

* Please use STEP 1 and STEP 2 together which is the certified usage method.

* Vita Powder is a fine powder type product which may cause flowing powder.

Size: 24g

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