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Green Tea Cleansing Water (300ml)



Sub-acidic cleansing water that provides rich moisture to your makeup and turns your skin into healthy pH condition.



1.       Refreshing cleansing water that fills in moisture and removes dirt  

-       Beauty Green Tea element that contains 16 kinds of 3.5 times more enriched Amino Acid than the original and Saponin that works as a natural detergent with natural ingredients maintain your skin moist even after cleansing.

2.       Strongly equipped with Micellar structure and Sub-acidity!

-          Micell particles pull the impurities like magnets and wipe away the makeup freshly, helping moist cleansing and creating healthy skin pH. 

How to use:

  1. Put the cotton pad on top of the pump and gently press downwards to wet the cotton pad.
  2. Using the cotton pad, smoothly wipe along the skin texture to remove makeup.


* When your skin condition is sensitive, gently wipe with cleansing water and finish by washing only with water.

Size: 300ml

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