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Super Aqua Peeling Gel (100ml)



Intensive peeling gel for clearly removing dead skin cells with a single usage and even taking care of skin texture


1.      Thorough and clean peeling

-       Natural Peeling Complex adsorbs every dead skin cell and sebum, exfoliating cleanly and thoroughly with just a single usage.
2.      Refreshing peeling

-       Plantox element containing O2 skin purification effect provides vitality to tired skin due to outer stress and harmful environment.

3.      Transparent and clear peeling

-       Effective ingredients including Orange Extract take care of the skin clearly and brightly.


How to use:

-       Wash face and towel dry. Get an appropriate amount and apply it over the face, avoiding eye and lip areas. Gently massage face to remove dead skin cells and wastes. Thoroughly rinse face with lukewarm water.

-       Recommended to use 1-2 times a week following skin condition.

Size : 100ml


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