Wish Stone Tint Velvet (4.6ml)



1. Gemstone case you want to own

 -     Twinkling and shiny wish stone tint reminds of jewelry gemstone.

2. Jewelry-like tip that fits my lips

 -     The tip that fits the angle of my lips helps express neat and distinct lips.

3. Rich and vivid color

 -     Vivid and rich color gets spread softly on the lips and expresses natural color pigmentation.

4. Soft meringue texture

 -     More light and soft air matt finishing texture gets smoothly applied on the lips.

5. Long-lasting adherence

 -     Vivid and clear color adheres well on the lips lightly and stays for a long time.



Chic Red: Use it when you want sensual and captivating red lips.

Cute Reddish Orange: Use it when you want fresh and vibrant reddish orange looks for your lips.

Pretty Brown Pink: Use it when you want refined and tender brownish pink lips.

Pure Pink Coral: Use it when you want pretty pink coral lips that create innocent aura.

Innocence Orange Coral: Use it when you want lovely orange coral lips.


Indications and Usage:

Take an appropriate amount and apply the tint from the inside of lips. 

Size: 4.6ml


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